Friday, February 15, 2013

Still snowing...

We're enjoying some gorgeous snow these days, the best it's been all winter.
I can always find a reason to get out in it.
For fun we have ski trails right out the front door and the back driveway turns into a great sledding hill.  Tom has restored a 1970's era Alpine snowmachine that we use to pack the trail, and now we have a "groomer log" that makes a surprisingly good surface.  The sledding hill takes a bit of effort to pack but I get great exercise breaking trail up hill and my little neighbor often helps with the ride down.
Sometimes plowing the main driveway can be fun especially right now as we have chains on the truck and don't get stuck.  There's always places I can't get to with the plow so I end up shoveling at the end which is not my favorite job but at least it gets me out the door.
My enthusiasm for the snow probably has something to do with not having a "regular job" to go to.  I'm sure I would have a different opinion if I had to drive in the blizzard everyday.  Most days we don't have to start the car, we have everything we need right here.  At some point we'll have to get gas for the plow truck or go into Talkeetna to collect the mail, but I'm lucky enough to be able to pick my days based on convenience and weather patterns.  We have a root cellar and freezer full of food, books to read and internet at our fingertips.  I strive to live a simple life in the winter.
There's probably only 4 or 5 weeks of winter left - I always feel that this time of year should be put on hold for one more month, the winters are just not long enough!

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