Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rose's Makeover

Our spring exercise regimen usually involves moving furniture.
It was time for Rose's Corner room to get a makeover.  This room has always been a favorite, but it is a little cozy.  Tom made a nightstand/desk from a special slab of local birch that fits perfectly over the radiator.  Now the room feels much bigger and we have two comfy chairs for relaxing and reading.
I think Rose has the best bathroom too; there's a lovely claw-foot tub with overhead shower, the two mirrors are made from our old window casings and there's a window for natural light.

This was the original master bedroom from the old days of "Kirsch's Place" hunting & fishing lodge, so we named it after the lady of the house, Rose Kirsch.  I'm sure she would have been thrilled to have an en-suite bathroom instead of having to use the outhouse!

Rose Kirsch circa 1950

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