Monday, January 5, 2015

Sunshine in every jar

Brrr, it's too cold to go outside so it's time to catch up!

At 20 below we need some remembrance of summers gone by and a reminder that warm seasons may come again.
A treasure hunting trip to the root cellar rewards us with an abundance of home grown goodness to choose from.

Chances are good that we'll grab a jar of some kind of rhubarb concoction, it's not just for pies you know! Rhubarb salsa is my favorite, then we've got jams and marmalades, drunken rhubarb in vodka and a beer jam that wasn't a great experiment (better to just drink the beer!). My Grandma's recipe for Piccalilli is down there too, bringing traditions across the seas to unsuspecting palates.

Rhubarb Salsa
I love putting food in jars, especially if I can incorporate something from the garden or the woods. It's been fun thinking up new recipes for our guests, we often put out my jams on the breakfast table at Fireweed Station. The requests for another piece of toast to try a different flavor are a good sign that I'm doing something right! The Friday Fairview farmers market has also been a good outlet for my creativity, high-bush cranberry & strawberry jam is a top seller. I'm looking forward to the first edibles next spring, any volunteers for spruce tip jelly?

As the song says, when you pop a lid in the deep dark winter, it's like a little bit of sunshine in every jar.

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  1. Yum! Those are some warm and sunshiny jars of goodness! :-) Esther