Friday, July 5, 2013

Busy Summer

What have we been up to all this time?!  Summer crashed in on us keeping us running all day, time for laundry, not blogging!  I logged 8 kilometers on my pedometer in one day of busy inn-keeping!

The Birch sap was running well this year so I tapped a tree near the house.  Fresh, cold Birch juice put a spring in my step.

Tapping Birch trees in May

Birch juice elixir

 Breakfast has been a non-stop feast with Tom cranking out waffles and muffins at all hours of the morning.  Climbers wake up for 6am breakfast before their expedition, after they come off the mountain they could sleep 'til noon!
Muffins for breakfast
Tom slaving over the waffle iron

It takes a ton of gear to head out into the Alaska Range.  Denali climbers carry a 60 pound back-pack and pull a heavy sled. Most of them want to look at it one more time before they head out so it all gets spread out in their room.  

Iris room with plenty of room for expedition gear

The gardens are in and growing well.  We had a heat wave in June which kept a watering can in each hand, and produced some ripe tomatoes! Now we're back to our normal cool rain so I'm on the look-out for slugs in the cabbages - so far only the caterpillars have found the gardens.  The mosquitoes have been keeping the swallows well-fed and our head-nets close by.

New guests are arriving every day; on their way north to Denali National Park or south to the Kenai peninsular.  We enjoy hearing their stories of wildlife sightings and unusual places in the wilds of Alaska.  For now we're busy living the good life right here, with cookies in the oven, home-grown lettuce and rhubarb on our plates, smiles in our hearts.  (oh yes, and one more pile of laundry to do).

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