Saturday, December 21, 2013

Solstice Sunshine

Winter Solstice is the best reason to celebrate the sunshine - it's really trying to come back into our world!  I bundled up my camera to show you how high noon looks at latitude 62* at -25*F. The sun can't quite rise above Sydney's Cabin, we have to go down to the tracks to feel its rays.

The sun almost climbs above Sydney's Cabin
Far from being a black and white winter wonderland - the low aspect of the sun makes for a 3 hour sunrise-sunset glow, all is golden pink and the cold temperature makes the snow sparkle. By 4:00 pm the show is over and we're snuggled up by the fire.

Downtown Sunshine!
 There's an Inuit tradition of taking off mittens to greet the first sun rays after winter solstice - we usually keep ours on and just do a little dance of joy, knowing the dark days will be getting longer before we know it.

Winter solstice stories seem to all tell of light, no matter whether flame light or star light, the inward light or the sacredness of light itself. In the telling, we are unburdened and feel lighter.

Tom & Airon bundled up for a Solstice stroll

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